Statement of Understanding, Commitment, and Consent of Gestational Carrier

  • I agree to complete my online profile and application to the best of my ability, using all of my available sources of information in doing so. 

  • I understand that my photo and online profile may be shown to prospective intended parents by Surrogacy Options of America (S.O.A.) and I consent to that process. 

  • I understand that S.O.A. will be attempting to match me to prospective intended parents and I consent to that process. 

  • I understand that the gestational carrier process is not quick and that the entire process may take months to complete. 

  • I understand that the gestational carrier process requires that I take and pass medical and psychological screenings and that I may be selected by prospective intended parents. 

  • I understand that not everyone who seeks to be a gestational carrier becomes one.

  • I understand that falsifying or omitting information on any of the clinic or S.O.A. documents will result in the termination of the contract and the loss of all compensation and expense reimbursements.

  • I agree to follow all instructions given me by the health care professionals for the gestational carrier process.

  • I understand that this process will involve my complete cooperation and timely communication. I commit to keeping S.O.A. updated as to my contact information. 

  • I understand that I will undergo tobacco, drug, and STD testing both prior to and during my participation. I commit to abstaining from tobacco, marijuana, and illegal drugs during the entire process. 

  • I understand that the gestational carrier process is extremely time-sensitive. I commit to keep all appointments on the scheduled dates and times and to take all medications on time and in the prescribed amount. I understand that no appointments or medications may be missed. 

  • I commit to responding to any phone call, email or text sent from the clinic or S.O.A. within 24 hours. 

  • I understand that if I am selected to continue this process, there will be consents, agreements and other documents for me to review and sign in the future, should I choose to do so. 

  • I agree to provide all past medical records as requested by S.O.A. 

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