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General FAQs

What is the role of the Agency?

An agency is a group of people that work together with the Intended Parent(s), fertility clinic, surrogate, and/or donor, to organize all aspects of treatment. More specifically, we assist in matching Intended Parents with their preferred surrogate and/or donor. In addition, we also organize all travel for the surrogate and/or donor, work together with the fertility clinic to ensure that your surrogate and/or donor attends all required appointments and satisfies any other clinical requirements, and can assist in retaining attorneys needed to complete all required documents.

Unfortunately our staff is not qualified to give any medical advice. If you have any specific medical questions or concerns please contact a trained medical professional.

How long does the entire process take?

This varies greatly on what donor and/or surrogate you choose to work with. Common delays are typically subject to personal schedules, fertility clinic requirements, and legal contracts.

It is vital that all parties work together to complete all requirements in a timely manner. In most cases, pregnancy may take place within 3-6 months after finalizing your surrogate and/or donor choice.

How much does the entire process cost?

For most donor cases, the cost is approximately $10,000-$30,000, depending on donor compensation amount and travel expenses.

For most surrogate cases, the cost is approximately $80,000-$120,000, depending on surrogate reimbursement amount, travel expenses, pregnancy complications, and insurance coverage.

These approximate costs do not include clinic fees, pharmacy fees, monitoring fees, or any other outside expenses.

What is important when selecting an S.O.A. Surrogate?

It is vital that you consider traits that are most important to you when choosing a surrogate. Some intended parents choose a surrogate based on talent, education, physical traits, or an unexplained connection. Although all of these requirements are quite important, it is equally important that you find a surrogate who shares similar ethics and principles. You will be required to agree on subjects such as prenatal testing, termination options, how many embryos you would like to transfer, and a birthing plan. These are subjects that will be addressed in your legal contracts. The documents are legally binding and if breeched can cause legal implications.

Am I able to meet my surrogate?

Absolutely! S.O.A. encourages an open relationship between our surrogates and intended parents. It is S.O.A.’s policy to facilitate a match meeting via video call prior to being officially matched.

Once match agreements are signed, we are happy to share contact information with all parties.

What is important when selecting an S.O.A. Donor?

It is vital that you consider traits that are most important to you when choosing a donor. Some intended parents choose a donor based on talent, education, physical traits, or an unexplained connection. It is also important for you to consider whether or not you prefer a known or anonymous donation. Please note, many but not all donors are willing to participate in a known donation. If this an aspect of the donation process that is important to you, all terms and conditions must be specified and agreed upon in your legal contract.

Are we required to work with a specific fertility clinic?

S.O.A. is willing to work with most all licensed fertility clinics in the US. However, some surrogates and/or donors have travel restrictions. Therefore, you will want to ensure that your preferred surrogate and/or donor is willing to travel if need be.

If you are not yet working with a specific clinic, we are happy to refer you to some of the top clinics in the U.S.

Can my surrogate be my egg donor as well?

This is known as traditional surrogacy and is illegal in some states. S.O.A. surrogacy does not coordinate any traditional surrogacy cycles.

Does the agency assist in helping obtain all required documentation needed to return home with our child(ren)?

Our staff members have a great deal of knowledge regarding the post-birth process, and can provide some assistance. However, it is vitally important for parents to consult with their attorneys regarding this matter. International clients will need to consult with an attorney in their home country as well. Parents must also remain proactive to ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied in a timely manner.