Thank you for your interest in becoming an S.O.A. gestational carrier.


Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward giving an incredible gift.

Before we begin, there are some basic criteria that gestational carriers must meet. 

Please use the lists below to determine if you are eligible.

A Gestational Carrier must be:

  • between the ages of 21-39.

  • within an appropriate height to weight ratio (BMI between 18 - 30). Calculate My BMI.

  • drug-free*, alcohol-free, and a non-smoker. 

  • in a stable home environment, either married or single.

  • have given birth to and parented at least one child.

  • financially independent and not receiving government assistance.

  • living in a surrogate-friendly state within the United States
    (we are very sorry but we cannot accept gestational carriers who reside in AK, WA, LA, MI, NY, NJ, ID, WY, NE, IA, MS, TN, or VA).


  *Some medication use may disqualify your participation in the surrogacy program or may require pre-approval.

A Gestational Carrier must have:

  • an excellent health history.

  • had no more than 5 deliveries.

  • had no more than 3 c-section deliveries.

  • had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

  • had no pre-term labor, no gestational diabetes, no high blood pressure, etc.

  • no psychological problems; depression, anxiety, etc.

  • no high-risk sexual practices (no more than 2 sexual partners in the last 6 months).

  • reliable transportation.

If you have questions about something specific that you believe may disqualify you, please contact us here.

Do you meet all the criteria above?

Become an S.O.A. Surrogate today!

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